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KoalaBASE Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

© The University of Queensland reserves all intellectual property rights in KoalaBASE and any software products, reports, data or other content derived from it (collectively “KoalaBASE”). KoalaBASE must not be used, copied, modified or distributed except under licence.

Your use of KoalaBASE constitutes your agreement to the terms of this KoalaBASE Copyright and Disclaimer Notice. If you do not accept these terms you must not use KoalaBASE.

KoalaBASE is intended to be used for general information purposes [by veterinary professionals and ancillary staff] and on a non-commercial basis only, and is not intended to be professional advice provided to a particular user in a particular circumstance. You must use your own independent knowledge, skill and judgment in making any use of KoalaBASE.

The University of Queensland reserves the right to edit, update or amend KoalaBASE at any time and without notice.

Use of KoalaBASE is at your own risk and The University of Queensland does not warrant the accuracy, currency or completeness of KoalaBASE and gives no warranty as to the condition, quality or fitness of it for Your requirements. In particular, You acknowledge that KoalaBASE contains some historical data which The University of Queensland cannot determine the veracity of.